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ENTRETANTO is spanish for meanwhile. As long as the creative industries are transforming every single day, so does this idea.

ENTRETANTO maybe the "New agency model", but we don't consider ourselves as an "agent".

ENTRETANTO is an experimental company, a lab to develop own and part-owned products or services that shape a new business model based on relationships between brands and the creative industries.

ENTRETANTO is the result of our experience connecting consumers and brands regardless the channel, the format, the length or the vehicle.

ENTRETANTO creates Value for the brands.  For years, advertising agencies had been paid for their service, not for the value they can create. Value Capturing is the key for a fair retribution model: Lower fees, higher compromise. Partners, yes, but true partners. We offer plenty of alternatives for a fair, honest an variable retribution. 

ENTRETANTO already participates in the equity of some startup projects, or we have royalties in some other products we create and sell. These are some of them:

ENTRETANTO is already developing several brands. ZUPPA, an "affordable premium" fast food restaurant focused on SOUPS, launched in september 2013. CONSENTIDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, recently launched with a limited edition online pre-sell of  freshly squeezed unfiltered Olive Oil. Rated with an outstanding 7,8/8 and featured in the main gourmet sites and blogs, Consentido reached its objectives 3 weeks after its launching date. SIMPLE GIN is a premium Classic Dry Gin, a brand shaped out from an insight. "Spanish Style" gin and tonic opened a window for addressing the very classic gin and tonic consumer. "No more salad in you gin and tonic!" Launched in January. Received a Silver Medal in SanFrancisco World Spirits Awards. 

From ideation, prototyping and testing to naming, brand strategy and advertising. We have a flexible structure with a really compact core team, plus a qualified network of collaborators which add the specific expertise in each project.

ENTRETANTO is also a founder partner at beautiful.land "the independent creative companies federation". A collaborative network with affiliated individuals and creative industries. 

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